21 Feb

Ps4!!! Can’t wait for it to come out and see all the new things playstation has in store. My only thoughts “are why make another system so soon.” The ps3 has not been out that long. They need to make a lot more games and not just some ones that you can beat a in one day.

Lily Plays Games

PS4 annoucement..yay!

So yesterday Sony launched & released details of the highly-anticipated Playstation 4 (http://uk.playstation.com/meeting2013/ & http://news.sky.com/story/1054832/sony-reveals-next-generation-playstation-4) with the console to be released later in the year, during the holiday period. I could go into every technical aspect of the console, how it has an eight-core powered processor, 8gb ram – which some people laughed at on twitter because that’s what their PC’s can do – and its ability for cross-game chat (ABOUT TIME RIGHT? :D) among others which you can find detailed on various websites if you search google, the brand new DS4 controller which looks pretty groovy in my opinion, but I just want to focus on what I’m looking forward to from the PS4.

–          The Playstation 4? What features do I like?

As I mentioned before, I like the new integration of cross-game chat – this is something many Playstation users have been asking…

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